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Post by Admin on Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:29 am

* All opinions are my own. My reviews are of my experiences and findings with the product. Your experience may be different.*


I bought the L.A. Colors foundation in a warm undertone to show what the wrong undertone in foundation and concealer looks like on cool skin tones. Reverse it and put a cool foundation on warm skin tones.

About Undertone 5uRjG7Tm
About Undertone KRIUyzgm

I have cool undertones. My foundations are pink to reddish undertoned. The top photos have zero foundation.  I'm including my neck so you can see my coloring is the same all the way down.

About Undertone 6IMLBElm
About Undertone P0MTlrvm

This is what a warm undertone foundation looks like on a cool undertone face....

About Undertone KLG8pkNl
About Undertone LYmGsTIl

The lower photo shows the first application of the foundation.

This photo shows the next application of foundation and the huge discrepancy between my coloring and the foundation.

About Undertone OPtJeZml
About Undertone FIOPkmAl

The top photos were taken late last night, so I 'm adding more today.

About Undertone 3aHmViKl
About Undertone S1iziEwl

It's very important you know your undertone so you get the correct foundation and concealer.
You can see immediately the foundation above is not the correct undertone for me. The undertone should match exactly and even 'disappear' in my skin so you can't see it, it just looks like skin.

Some places have Sephora and Ulta, and other cosmetic counters to help with your undertone. If you don't have this option, go with your veins in your wrist. Purple/blue is cool, green is yellow, and blue/green is neutral.

Thank you for reading. Very Happy


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