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Sizing: Why The Difference

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Sizing: Why The Difference Empty Sizing: Why The Difference

Post by Admin on Sun 9 Dec 2018 - 17:47

Sizing: Why The Difference:

I have heard a lot of women in many different sites and in day to day living discuss with frustration
why two pairs of jeans in the same size, one fits and the next does not.
And, why buying jeans from a department store in the size they need and looked at the sizing chart, it still did not fit.

The reason two, the same size (whatever the size was) did not fit is different brands are marketed to different groups of people.
There are brands that are made for slender people, regular, curvy and plus. A size 10 is not the same size 10 across the board.

Some companies market toward slender people. Their size 10 is not going to work for someone who is built differently. The same goes for curvy jeans, their 10 is not the same as their slender jean counterpart. Another thing is, a Junior size 10 is not the same size as a Misses size 10. Both are completely different sizing.
Also, Junior Plus is a completely different sizing from Women's plus. Junior sizing has XL, XXL, XXXL, and sometimes in numbers, 1X, 2X, 3X, etc. Women's Plus is W18, W20, W22, etc.

Last, the department stores that carry many different brands and have a sizing chart included for deciding size when buying online, they show Their sizing charts for their own brand. Occasionally, the store will include a few other brands they carry but most of the time it's their own brand Only.  

I will include a department store in an example. J.C. Pennys carries many brands, but it's their brands for their sizing charts. You have to go to the brand's site you are interested in seeing their sizing. If that brand has a deal with Pennys, they will have a sub-brand marketed at Pennys only and that sizing may be different from their other site apparel. Sometimes, you can gauge from the site's sizing, so you can choose what size will work for you.

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