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Post by Admin on Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:27 pm

* All opinions are my own. My reviews are of my experiences and findings with the product. Your experience may be different.*

Undertone: Why It's So Important:

I am on YT a lot looking at reviews. I scroll down and look at comments to see what viewers think. Tonight I saw a huge thread with many commenters and replies about a foundation and finding the foundation that fits their skin tone.

Many get confused with a light foundation and a warm-toned foundation. While warm-toned foundations appear light, they are not. They are in the same category as their cool and neutral counterparts be it Light, Medium, Tan and Deep.

I posted this a while back showing how the foundation with the wrong undertone looks like.
Some back story for me personally is several cosmetic foundations finders - like Sephora Color IQ but manually using a method to find the persons undertone for the correct foundation. Several have mistaken or misunderstood my red undertones for warm undertones and have put me in warm foundations and eye colors.
Warm foundations are Yellow undertoned.

This post:

These swatches are warm foundations

L.A. Colors Foundation
Undertone: Why It's So Important L0VC0Idl

My undertone is cool. I use pink/rosy undertone foundation

Undertone: Why It's So Important 4vrMgPbl

L.A. Colors warm foundation
Undertone: Why It's So Important LYmGsTIl

Foundations with the wrong undertone stand out and look bad. The right undertoned foundation should 'disappear' when swatched on the side of the face. All other tones will stand out.

Some department store foundation companies recommend the foundation color that is closest to your skin tone. This IMO is because of a small range of foundation colors and undertones. Really, the foundation should disappear when put on.


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