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The Runaround Empty The Runaround

Post by Admin Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:41 pm

Hey, Everyone, I hope your day is great. I know I have several more reviews to post, I did not forget. Thank you for your patience.  Smile

I have continued to look at blog posts on blog sites when I'm on the internet. Google posts a lot of different things under the search. From celebrity news to local news to well-known beauty sites with op-eds about the best brands and more. Included in this lineup are blog posts reviews of one or more beauty products. I go in those blog posts sometimes to see what they have to say about the product. Sometimes the link goes directly to the blog post and you can read their opinion and what they have found. I have read several posts from various bloggers like this. Some I liked and some I didn't but I did read what they had to say. Then there are other bloggers that post a photo with their post and you click the link and it goes to their site's first page or a page of reviews with every review
except the review you clicked on. It's a runaround and IMO misleading. If the blogger wants the reader to see the first page when clicking the link, ok, but post a link to the review on that page so the viewer can click and go directly to the review.

This is something that is annoying to me. It's even more so if the product is one I have been looking at and I think they may have more information about it, close up views, and showing the viewer what it's like.

Some of these sites are posts: write-ups, videos, opinions, all together and pages upon pages of this. There are no categories or separation of any kind.
Trying to search page after page to look for a review.

I have been on sites that were a little better. These sites had a
menu of choices and video and write-ups were separate. I like these more.

I'm done with the runaround.

I thought about the second type of blog before I started blogging. I thought about those blogs they have out that every post is on the same page and every post continues into the next page. I thought about a more contemporary style. But, I really like the separation of type writeup versus video. And, cosmetics can't be in with clothing. The blog has to be clear, easy to navigate, and reader friendly.

The categories and forums have to be their own and easy to get to and not all jumbled into one big page. It would be confusing and I don't like that.

I decided that I like this better. It does exactly what I want. The subjects are separate, you know what you are getting. They are easy to find and read or watch. There is no topic or post clutter.

And, it's not misleading. When I post the link, you click on the topic.
I think it's a great site. Unique.
I hope you like reading and watching reviews as much as I post them and the other content I post.

I know this post has been long. I noticed that my other posts have been monthly. I'm going for once a week.

Alright, Everyone, I hope your day continues with greatness. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in my next post.

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