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Maurices First Try-On

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Maurices First Try-On Empty Maurices First Try-On

Post by Admin Wed Jan 20, 2021 5:10 pm

The first time I went to Maurices when they first opened, I took photo's to show what was out on the floor. This time I took several sizes and tried on several pairs of jeans to see what size I was. I have another post coming to show what I bought. This is to fill you in on what I did.
With new jeans that they are selling now and they are not like Taylor Boot, trying on is necessary. They are not lowrise but high rise and they still come in
short, regular, and

Alright, first, it was great to be back shopping in-store again. I asked about their new curvy line and a salesperson took me back against the wall. These new curvy Jeans are called M Jeans. They are a high rise jean and they all come in a dark blue rinse.

Maurices First Try-On M7BlD7Tl

Then my dressing room

Maurices First Try-On UJRUFtVl

I brought in a mix of M Jeans and the plus size jeans from the other side of the store. The sizing is different, and you will know from their tag whether they are Juniors curvy or Women's curvy. The Women's were too big for me and after trying on one pair, I went back to the Juniors sizing.

The first pair I went high and tried on 16 Regular

Maurices First Try-On Rw1NK1xl
Maurices First Try-On 8Wm5cKvl
Maurices First Try-On BIAx8Oul
Maurices First Try-On QAv01Vol
Maurices First Try-On 9Zs2UjMl

As you can see, size 16 is too big, so I went to size 14 Regular

Maurices First Try-On 7Xn1weAl
Maurices First Try-On EQgOfjsl
Maurices First Try-On OkYUCY6l
Maurices First Try-On VDE6DU2l
Maurices First Try-On Dwb5qRQl
Maurices First Try-On M1HtqTnl
Maurices First Try-On YMHm5UIl

Alright, this was my last try on of these sizes. I went in again to buy, but I tried on three sizes in Juniors. I tried on sizes 12, 14, and 16 again to make sure of my correct size. I did not go back in this day I tried on these sizes. My next post is trying on the above sizes and what I bought.

This wraps up this try-on, my next post is after this.
See you in my next post. Cool


Maurices First Try-On JgPbnbUl

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