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It's All About The Product

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It's All About The Product Empty It's All About The Product

Post by Admin Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:34 pm

A while ago someone asked me why I am an anonymous vlogger and blogger. And, they wanted to know why I wasn't like other YT channels. Well, I like being anonymous. My identity is not important but the product, clothing, and information that we get from them, which is wearability and performance is. There other YTbers that conceal their identity and it hasn't stopped them at all. They have followers that want to be there and can't wait for their next video. There is one that even uses a computerized voice instead of his own.

I recently watched a video that interviewed several of these YT personalities. All of them were wearing a mask to conceal their face. Their identity is a secret and they do not discuss it even with their friends.
I understand this and I understand why they chose to be anonymous. Our reasons are probably different but they are valid reasons.

Before I started blogging, I looked around at bloggers to see what they did. I found that several are anonymous, you don't ever see their face. But, they also did not show the product or photos of the product or swatches. They just typed a word review and described wear and its characteristics.

My readers and viewers see far more of my face than the above bloggers. And. I show the product, swatches, and what it does. You know how it works, applies and how long it lasts, and its claims. I make sure you Know what the product is about and how it looks.

I'm not angry about the question and I responded. I told them what I told you. And, about the other channels that are also anonymous. Your knowledge about the product and clothing is the priority so you can make Informeddecisions for yourself. That product, jeans, top, etc might not work for you - but you know.

Alright, Everyone, that is all for now. I said in the vlog I posted today, I did not forget reviews. They are coming. I apologize for the length of time bit they will be posted.
Have a great night, thank you for reading, and I will see you in my next post.  Cool


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