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Post by Admin Mon May 31, 2021 12:53 pm

* For Those That Served And Did Not Come Home - And, to the Families who had a Service Member that did not come home.*
-  Thank you for your service  -

Mainly in videos, I discuss the product and what I'm doing. But, also, about updates on new things coming. In this last video, I discussed myself a little, a gift I was given, and some of my background.  I had a good time with the look and talking about those things.

I have discussed family events and other things before. In a video, I discussed giving away a lot of cosmetics that I didn't use to my sister who gave it to a friend of hers because she wouldn't use it either.

I notice people do like personal discussions and little facts about the person. They like to know more about the person they are watching or listening to.

When I listen to a reviewer or watch a review, I do so for information about the product. Then I walk away and I don't think about the reviewer again. I'm really different in that aspect. I'm there for the product review and then I move on. But, I will look on YT to see if they have posted another review or see if anyone I watch has another video up.

I understand about wanting to know the reviewer better or things about them.
I didn't get my earrings in yet. I still have to remove my gauge. I will get it done.

Thank you all for reading reviews, watching vlogs, reading the blog posts I do. I appreciate all of that. You are awesome and great.
Everyone, have a great Memorial Day and I will see you in my next post.


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