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Post by Admin Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:22 pm

Hey, Everyone, this is about my cosmetics and cosmetic needs. Also, my skin type. Then I will get into sizes.

My skin is T-Zone. I'm oily on my forehead, nose, and chin. I used to use a skin care regimen of a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I would use it for a while and then it would irritate my skin. Now I use cleansing wipes, they have aloe and vitamin E, and a little alcohol for cleaning and toning. My face does well with this. Then, I use a moisturizer from Equate that is filled with vitamins.

My foundations are all pink, as my skin is cool-toned, and I prefer matte foundations. My blushes and highlighters are also pink or the pink family except for a couple that is a more neutral tone.
My go-to eyeliners are black, blue, or gray. Brown liners do not look good on me.

I have a curvy body type. I wear curvy jeans and tops that for curvy-busty women. Regular jeans or non-curvy jeans will not work for me, or if I do try to wear them, I have to go up in size to find a fit. Even then it has not been a good fit. The dimensions for regular and slender body types are different from curvy body types. The sizing dimensions are different.

My sizing:
Tops are a size Women's 2
Jeans are a size 14 Juniors

It's like if a busty woman tries to put on a top that made for a more slender person, the top doesn't fit right. It's the same with jeans. A curvy can try slender jeans, but for curvy's that have thick thighs, they might have to go up in sizes until the jeans fit their legs. Sometimes, they don't. Curvy comes in different ways. Thick thighs, booty, busty, tummy, and all those combined
or some of those combined, or even just one curvy part.

This explains curvy clothing:


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