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It Did What It Claimed

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It Did What It Claimed Empty It Did What It Claimed

Post by Admin Fri Jul 02, 2021 7:08 pm

I have reviewed a lot of products and there were reviews where that product did not do what that product claimed it did. Sometimes a foundation had claimed one or more things and it didn't do any of the things it said. In those situations, I said, if you want to use this because you like it, wear it like a foundation without its claims.  

I have worn foundations and other products without their claims just to wear them and then I did not repurchase. I'm not going to name any names, but one foundation had several claims and did none of its claims. The same with eyeliners, lippies, eye shadows, powders, etc.
One powder I have and reviewed was so annoying. It would clump on the brush and no matter how many times I tapped on the side, the excess was still there.

What about products that do what they claim, every claim is there, and doing what it says on the packaging but it's still a bad product? The claims are doing what was advertised on the package but the product in other areas is a bad product. The texture isn't good or the color is off or there is a weird smell. The outward packaging is wrong for the type of cosmetic it is. There are products like that. Then it still either can't be used and either thrown away or they use it up quickly and don't repurchase.

Cosmetics are interesting. There are many that are great and do what they say and even the product, the other things about it are great. They are a topic of many conversations for a long time, even years. Then there are the others.

Alright, Everyone, have a great 4th/ weekend and I will see you in my next post.  Cool


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