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Post by Admin Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:57 am

I have seen videos on YT that show cosmetics side by side " $1000. or $500, $400. or $200. As in the "lower amount is better than the higher amount.

I think both of those amounts are high. Does this mean I'm against high-end products or brands? Not at all. I have both lower-end products and high-end products. And, I use both. But, there are a lot of people that have been in a place in the last two years or more where they have been at home because of a pandemic.

They are starting to get back on their feet financially. Buying cosmetics have not been thought about. Food, bills, and other necessities have been thought about. How long it's going to be and when will it be over.

I think that sometimes YT is insensitive to others who do not live as they do.
They can do what they do anywhere and they can and do much of the time work from home. Also, they set their hours, and if those hours have to change, they do that. Subscribers to channels and even readers of vlogs and blogs do not have that unless they work from home. Although, many have been home regardless of working at home or going to work.

Those at home have not been able to buy online. I think the price difference could have been thought out first and put on hold or scaled-down or waited for a better time.

I'm doing one but it's going to be different. You will find out. Right now, I've been doing a series on foundations that are sweat, humidity, water, and transfer-proof- do they do what they say? And, I have another one coming.
And, Glamoflauge that I just did, it did very well in the '70s and at 80 degrees.
It did get patchy at 94 degrees just on my forehead and in the middle. Glamoflauge promises water-resistant and transfer-resistant.

Alright, Everyone, I hope your day is excellent, thank you for reading, and I will see you in my next post. Cool


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