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Post by Admin Tue Aug 17, 2021 11:53 am

Hey, Everyone, First, Thank you so much that you take the time to read my posts, watch videos in the vlog, and read reviews in the blog. I appreciate you.

This last week has been busy! I had a video that I did and something happened in the video and I had to delete it to start over. Then, something else came up and that pushed back the video, so I still have that. Now another thing has come up so I'm in the middle of doing that.

Right now, I have at least two products I could do a review on but there are some things I'm waiting on so I can be thorough. I've been thinking about doing another haul but I want to get one big one from the same place and do another one of product from other places, so I'm still deciding.

I like my job and what I do, it's fun. There have been times when I couldn't decide how I wanted to do a haul. This last time I ordered online but I really like it in person because I can look at the product close and decide if I want to do buy that. This last time the store I went to did not have what I was looking for so I bought online. Then I bought other things online and not what I went shopping for. Just letting you in on a little of my job.

That's alright, I have been looking for that type of product and I decided to buy it. I have been using it with good results. I want to repurchase and add some more products. I also have been thinking about the new product that I haven't bought yet. You will find out.

Alright, Everyone, that is all for now. All-new is coming your way, so stay tuned. Have a great day and I will see you in my next post.  Cool


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