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Curvy Is In The Genes Not The Jeans

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Curvy Is In The Genes Not The Jeans Empty Curvy Is In The Genes Not The Jeans

Post by Admin Wed May 01, 2019 9:57 pm


Hey, Everyone Very Happy   Tonight I want to talk about a line of thinking I have been seeing and reading around the internet about curvy and what it is or means.

I was watching a video and I noticed the video person after talking about being curvy went straight to her jeans size. Then, in the comments, people were discussing weight, jeans size, clothing size, etc.

Curvy is a body type not a weight or clothing size. One can have slender legs and have booty and hips and be curvy. Similarly, one can have thick thighs, hips, boobs and be curvy. Jeans size is not about curvy unless the jeans are curvy style.
By that I mean, the tag says CURVY on it. But those jeans can start at size 0 and go to Plus Juniors and Plus Women's.

When I was in Maurice Taylor Boot Curvy in size O, I could put their slender counterpart beside my jeans and they looked much different. The legs were very slender and the booty. Well, the larger you go, the same thing. Curvy clothes are cut differently. Our body type dimensions are different so our clothes are cut to fit our dimensions. We are born that way, so whatever our size, small or larger, we just are Curvy. The curvy does not change.

I want to really help people understand that curvy does not go away. Even losing weight or gaining weight, the curvy is still there. Curvy does not mean fat. Curvy is how the body is made and how that person was born.

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